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Ministry of Youth & Sports

Special Vacances

Pamplemousses Youth Centre
Tel No: (230)243-9656/57
Fax: (230)243-3316

[Spécial Vacances] - Application Form
To help young people to cope with the ever-increasing competition at work and school,
there is a need to diversify, democratise and develop a wide range of recreational
"A Nous Les Vacances" programmes are held in April, July, August and December.
An excellent opportunity for young people to be involved in "healthy activities" such as visits to islands, Youth Rally, randonnées, visits to places of interest, mountaineering, Youth Exchange, Fun Games, Portes Ouvertes, Animations Culturelles, Forest Walks
Training of young people as "Guide/Animateur" for mountain and forest hikes, campcraft and the management of risks and hazards existing in outdoor activities.
Give opportunity to young people to discover and learn about historical sites
Encourage social exchanges among youth
Widen their horizon about the developmental progress taking place in their region
Stimulate their interest about their environment
Broaden their knowledge about their cultural heritage
Beach Games
Fun Games
Visits to places of interest
Youth Exchange Programme at national, regional and international levels
Visits to historical sites
National Youth Concert (Music and Dance Competition)
Vélo Tour
Hiking/Forest Walks
Treasure Hunt
Community and Social Work
"Initiation à la Musique"
Entertainment Programmes
Tour de l'Ile en Roller
Journées Portes Ouvertes
Cave Exploration
Recreational Day
Journée de la Peinture
Visits to Islands
Cyclo Rally
Rallye Pédestre
A Nous les Vacances has provided opportunities for more than 100,000 young people in recent years to spend a pleasurable time and enjoy their holidays, especially in August and December holidays.