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Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sports & Recreation

Medical Advices

Medical Advices to Sports Persons


A person who wants to practise competitive sports must undergo a medical checkup before a licence is delivered to him/her.
Licence holders of Sports Federations must be covered by an adequate insurance policy both during training and competition.
A licence holder should not use prohibited substances or methods to artificially enhance his/her performance. This is contrary to the principles of fair play and medical ethics. The use of these prohibited substances and methods can ruin the health of sports person.
The following classes of medication are considered as doping substances :
Anabolic agents
Beta 2 Agonists
Peptide hormones
Beta Blockers
The following methods are prohibited
Blood doping
Inhaling oxygen
Pharmacological, Chemical and Physical manipulation
Licence holders must ensure that any medicine, supplement or any other over the counter preparation they use not contain any prohibited substances.
Glucocorticosteroids administered by local or intra articular injection are permissible but International Federation may require written notification of such injection.
Athletes who require an inhaled Beta 2 Agonist to treat asthma will be required to submit evidence that justifies such treatments.
Local anaesthetics are permitted on justification.
All licence holders involved in competitive sports can at any time be called to undergo Out of Competitive Doping Control.
Whenever a competitiion is held in a country where Malaria is endemic Antimalarial tablets should be taken by all members of the delegation. Antimalarial tablets are available at the Vaccination Centre, Port-Louis.
Never practise a sport if 3 hours have not elapsed after a meal.
Always remember that the first treatment in all sports injuries is Ice