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Ministry of Youth & Sports
Ministry of Youth & Sports>Promotion of Information Technology

Promotion of Information Technology

Name of Service:
Promotion of Information Technology
Services offered to the public
- Easy access of ICT to youth in all youth centres
- Initiation course for beginners
- Training if IC3 for unemployed youth
- Free internet facilities
Description of Service
- Acquaint young people with the use of computers and related equipment
- Develop and enhance the IT culture among youth of all regions of the island (with specific emphasis to youth of deprived areas)
- Involve young people in creative activities which
include use of IT / web design
Target population - Young people aged between 14 and 29 yrs
- Free IT Training
- Free internet services which can enable young
people to do research work.
- Young people can be made aware of the Ministry
and its activities / programmes through its website or
email addresses of Youth Centres
- Online networking of youth
- Contact Youth Centres
Downloadable forms Nil

Where and when to collect information and form:

- Youth Centres – Week days (09h00 – 18h00)
- Saturdays (09h00 – 18h00)
Contact Name
(Responsible Officer)
Phone No and Address
- Mr H. Buddhu, Principal Youth Officer
- Floreal Youth Centre
- Tel.: 698-7019
Fee / Payment (if any) - Free of charge
Tentative time to receive an answer
- At the time of contact
Reply from Ministry
For execution of request/Service
- With a week