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Ministry of Youth & Sports


Services offered to the public Initiation to swimming
Providing basic skills and training
Promotion and development of swimming
Description of Service Providing swimming facilities
Providing coaching
Providing sports materials
Target population 7-9 years
Benefits to the public what are attained or achieved Free access to sports facilities
Free coaching
Physical education and practice of sport
Mode of Application
Contact coaches on site
Downloadable forms None
Where and when to collect information and forms At swimming pools: Q.Bornes/B.Bassin/Calebasses/ R.Rempart
Contact Name
(Responsible Officers)
Mrs. P. Sadien Tel : 454-6830
Mr. I. Sufraz Tel : 243-3266
Mr. P. Gokool Tel : 412-5777
Mr. A. Olivier Tel :465-0864
Address and phone numbers Serge Alfred Tel : 454-6830
Le Pavillon Tel : 465-0864
Souvenir Tel : 234-3266
R. Rempart Tel : 412-5777
Fee/payment (if any) Rs 300 for 3 months course. Two session a week
3 levels of coaching each of 3 months duration
Tentative time to receive an answer At the time of contact
Reply from the Ministry for execution of request/service
At the time of contact