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Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sports & Recreation


Youth Section
What is the role of the Ministry of Youth and Sports?
·         Implementation of policies relating to the needs of youth.
·         Initiate youth development projects and activities with the aim of encouraging the
active participation of youth in the process of their own empowerment.
·         Study specific areas where the participation of youth should be invited or
What is the age range for a young person to join a Youth Centre?
·         Between 14 to 29 years old.
What activities do Youth Centres offer to young people?
·         Youth activities
·         Sports activities
·         Recreational and Leisure activities
·         Counselling and referal
·         Internet facilities
·         Youth information
·         A Nous Les Vacances
·         Handicraft
·         Music and dance
·         Youth Leadership - Training
How can young people help in a Youth Centre?
·         Advisory Committee
·         Involvement in youth projects
·         Motivate other young people to join the centre
What are the conditions required to become a member of a Youth Centre?
·         Parental consent for young people below 16 years of age.
·         Abide by norms and regulations as required by the Youth Centre
·         Activities are free of charge